Collection: Petunia

When you work with horses long enough it becomes easier to recognize the extra special ones. Those that just come out day after day and adapt to anything that is asked of them. They never complain and always seem to be happy.

Petunia was one of these extraordinary horses. Her Belgium and Thoroughbred breeding produced a beautiful draft horse in a manageable and very rideable size. With the education to jump around in the ring and the willingness to gallop with the group in the hunt field, Petunia lived a full and adventurous life prior to the next phase of her career as a trail horse. Daily trail rides through a shady preserve sounds and is idyllic. Carrying up to six strangers a day of varying sizes and most with little to no riding experience through the hottest time of the year is actually a job and not one for the faint of heart.

While I rarely worked directly with Petunia, countless times over the past seven years I have watched Petunia walk by on her way out and back in from a trail ride. Her expression was always pleasant and you could see her adjust to correct her rider's unbalance or lack of communication.

 The necklaces in the Petunia Collection are just like her, consistent and dependable with just the right amount of beauty.