Product Care


Genuine leather that is plain or has been embossed or tooled is used in our designs.  While the best quality leather is used, there may be some imperfections.  To clean the leather, use a sponge and a mild soap.  My favorite cleaner to use for all of my leather (saddle, bridles, boots, handbags, shoes and jewelry) is Kirk’s Castile.  It is available in most grocery stores.

To condition the leather, mink oil will help keep it supple and safe from the elements. 

Sterling Silver

For everyday care, a silver polishing cloth works well. Warm water and mild soap can help remove heavier tarnish. Please avoid using a brush or something abrasive that will result in scratching the silver.  Exposure to the elements, makeup, dirt and strong cleaning agents can cause the silver to become dull or tarnished. Store in a cool place when not wearing it.

Oxidized Sterling Silver

Avoid using jewelry dip cleaner or anything abrasive that may scratch the oxidized surface.  Wash with mild detergent and warm water.


Copper will acquire a patina over time.  Store in a cool place away from humidity.  Use a polishing cloth to clean.  Warm water and mild soap may be used to clean as well. 


The quality and appearance of the gemstones can be affected by perfumes, cleaners and other harsh chemicals. Turquoise, lapis lazuli, sodalite and coral may be damaged if they come into contact with sharp or hard surfaces. To clean, use warm water and a mild detergent.